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Anthony Pellegrino – Risk Factors to Consider When Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning requires you to be thorough. While it is essential to plan well for your retirement by looking toward the future positively, you must also pay attention to the risks involved.

You must consider the risk factor coming in the way of your future potential retirement payments.

Anthony Pellegrino’s Analysis of the Risk Factors

Retirement planning can leave you flustered. Anthony Pellegrino makes it easy on you by analyzing the risk factors involved. Here are the factors that will ensure you get your funds as required at the time of your retirement:

Your Life Span

People pray for a long life for each other but having an unexpectedly long life can be problematic at a certain stage. This happens when people outlive their retirement funds. Since they can no longer work, they face problems in managing their expenses and must rely on someone else who would be willing to take responsibility.


The economy is ever-changing. You can never accurately predict what the value of money will be some decades later. Hence you must take into account inflation as a risk factor. For instance, if you make 50,000 monthly currently. This amount would not have the same value even half a decade later.

The economy would have shifted either drastically or slightly. Hence, Anthony Pellegrino considers this to be a big risk factor to consider when planning retirement. This brings us to the next two points.

Rising Expenses

What you would have paid in the 90s for a gallon of milk enormously differs from what you are paying today. This is why planning for retirement requires constant vigilance because you are saving for your future which is entirely unpredictable.

You must evaluate your expenses for the future with different health and economic scenarios in mind. This will ensure you are well-prepared for the rising expenses in health care, common commodities, and emergencies. 

Unstable Market

Anthony Pellegrino states that it is essential to acknowledge that the market is complex and volatile. As established earlier, we can never know where the economy’s weight might fall in the coming years. This also means that the value of your assets also goes through high and low points on the market.

There may be times you will hit the jackpot, and there will also be times when a downward surge can negatively affect your retirement assets. Anthony Pellegrino suggests keeping an eye on the horizon so that you can observe the bigger picture.

Withdrawal Strategy

A withdrawal strategy refers to the rate at which you withdraw savings and investment assets. Developing a strategy will help you utilize this money after retirement in the long run. The less you withdraw and use wisely will result in retirement funds lasting as long as possible without any risk of running out.

Anthony Pellegrino’s Final Call

A financial advisor can help you understand all the risk factors you will encounter when planning for retirement. Keeping track of your retirement assets will help you make wise decisions. Remember, retirement planning is not a one-time thing. In fact, you have to monitor the market and economy frequently to analyze the trends and make changes in your plan, if required.