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Anthony Pellegrino

Anthony Pellegrino

Principal & Owner of Goldstone Financial Group

Anthony Pellegrino is an Elmhurst, Illinois-based SEC-registered investment advisor and business development professional with over two decades of experience in stock and asset management. He is currently the founder and CEO of Goldstone Financial Group, a financial service firm specializing in retirement/income planning and asset protection. To date, Anthony, along with his brother, Michael Pellegrino, has helped over 4,000 clients manage their assets and maximize their wealth for post-retirement.

Anthony Pellegrino

Anthony Pellegrino is a business development consultant and SEC-registered investment advisor. He is currently the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Goldstone Financial Group – a financial asset management firm specializing in retirement and income planning.

Anthony was born in 1974 and has been residing in Elmhurst, Illinois, for most of his life. However, he actively moves around different locations in the state to manage GFG operations. As far as his qualifications go, Anthony has an Illinois Department of Insurance License and a Series 65 License. He has the expertise and experience to help clients achieve their future financial goals. He provides tailored strategies and solutions using the skills he learned from trading related to stock market fluctuations and uncertainty.

Moreover, as a fiduciary, Anthony has a moral, ethical, and legal responsibility to put his client’s needs above his own when managing clients’ assets. So far, he has aided over 2,5000 individuals from every walk of life to maximize their retirement savings and income earnings through a diverse assets portfolio.


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